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How do I open an account with Grosnor?

The easiest way to get started is to complete the online registration form by clicking on 'REGISTER' and then 'BUSINESS REGISTRATION' from the main page of our website. Fill in all the required fields, then submit it by clicking 'REGISTER'.

Once we have a chance to look over your application one of our Account Managers will give you a call to discuss it, and hopefully get you set up with an account right away.


How do I get access to your website?

You will receive access to the (password protected) online catalogue portion of the Grosnor website once you have opened an account with Grosnor, and placed your first order of $250.00 or more.


What will I find in the password protected areas of the website?

Our website features an inventory listing that includes pricing, pictures and descriptions of all currently in stock items. The website is updated on a regular basis. Items are added as we get them in stock, and are removed as they sell out. While it is nearly always accurate, it is possible that an item appears which has sold out if the sale occurred since the last update to the website.


There was an item I wanted on the website, but when I sent an online order you said it was sold out, why did that happen?

The website is frequently updated, but can never be completely accurate all of the time. Items are added as we get them in stock, and are removed as they sell out. While the website is nearly always accurate, it is possible that an item appears which has sold out if the sale occurred since the last update to the website.


How do I place an order?

You can place an order with your Account Manager either by email, fax, phone, or by submitting an online order using the shopping cart system on our website.


How can I pay for an order that I'm picking up?

If you're coming by our offices to pick up an order you can pay using Cash, Debit, Visa or MasterCard.


How can I pay for an order that Grosnor is shipping me?

Your first order from Grosnor will have to ship COD. There are additional COD charges, however COD payment is only required for your first order. The only exception to this would be if you have submitted, and already had approved, a credit application.

Subsequent orders can proceed COD if you prefer, or to save on the COD charges you can pre-pay using either Visa or MasterCard before your order is shipped. You may want to fill in and submit a Credit Card Authorization form to prepay this way. This form can be found on our website's main page by clicking on 'REGISTER' and then 'CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION'.


How do I get payment terms (i.e. NET 14)?

The first step is completing a 1 page credit application. Grosnor will submit your completed application to a company that checks your credit rating, and using that information decides on an appropriate credit limit Ask your Account Manager for details.


What companies do you use to ship?

We currently use CanPar as our primary shipping company, but we also use DHL, FeDex, Canada Post & CDI sameday service (Greater Toronto Area only) upon request.


How much does shipping cost?

The cost of shipping an order depends on many things, primarily the weight of the package, the destination, the company being used and how quickly you need it to arrive. Your Account Manager can give you an idea of your options and what service would best work for you.


Do I have to ship, or can I pickup my orders instead?

You always have the option to pick up your orders from our Toronto showroom/warehouse/office location anytime between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Pick ups can also be scheduled between 4pm and 6pm if necessary, but only if your order has been placed in advance and already prepared for you.


What is the Credit Card Authorization Form for, and why would I want to fill one out?

The Credit Card Authorization Form is a document you can complete which authorizes Grosnor to charge your credit card in order to prepay the cost of your orders before they ship.

Prepaying on a credit card (MasterCard or Visa but we do not accept American Express) as opposed to shipping COD (Cash, Certified Cheque or Money Order) saves you the COD charges.


What are these e-mails that I keep getting from my Account Manager every week?

Every week Grosnor sends out 3 pre-order e-mails. One for Core (Sports/Non-Sports/Licensed items), a second for all Gaming related items, and a third for Licensed Toys & Action figures. The e-mails generally include pictures, descriptions and most definitely pricing for all upcoming products.

The pre-order e-mails can be customized to your preferences. For instance if you only sell Sports cards, then the 'Gaming' pre-orders probably won't be of any use to you, and you can ask your Account Manager to disable that specific e-mail for you. You will continue to receive only the pre-order e-mails that are of interest to you.


How do I pre-order products?

You can pre-order products in all the same ways that you can submit an order - either online using our website, by e-mail, by fax, or over the phone with your Account Manager.


What is Grosnorís policy on late preorders?

Grosnor Distribution is a preorder based company. What this means is that essentially every item we bring in will be offered to you at the best price possible on a preorder. This allows us to properly order the item and limits and potential issues. We send preorders out via email at the end of each and every week of the year with the exception of Christmas where we take a 2-3 week break. You are able to place your preorders for up to 2 weeks. After that the item will be locked out, we place our orders based on all the preorders and we await the release date.

Should you miss a preorder or get a late order from one of your customers then we can probably still supply you with the item. These would be considered backorders and not preorders and fall under different rules. The majority of the time we will be able to supply you with this item at original preorder price but please note, all backorders are subject to being priced at market value. If a product gets hot and restock price goes up for us, we will go out at market value. We will always confirm that price for you before invoicing it out.

There are 3 companies that due to their ordering policies we can not take backorders on at all. These are Topps, Razor and Tristar. Once the preorders are closed for any of these companies we will not entertain any additional orders until the time of release.

Again, for most items, please continue to take orders from your customers and contact your Account Manager to get a backorder placed. Your Account Manager should be able to give you a fairly good idea at that time if we can accommodate the additional order.

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