Genesis October Update

Restocking, Organized Play & 2021 Championship

Tuesday October 12, 2021


As an update, I want you to be aware that our restock of Jaelara Second Edition is taking longer than we expected. We had ordered paper which was supposed to arrive this week, but instead, it never left the mill. We are working hard to get restocked ASAP, but there isn't much more that we can do until the paper arrives.

Organized Play

I'm excited to announce that we are rolling out beta testing for our event organizer. If I have sent you this information already, I'm sorry. I want to make sure that this information is well spread out. The Genesis Event Organizer can be located at This tool will help you create events, do pairings, and allow players to climb the leaderboard. There is a "Chat with us" button in the bottom right corner if a store has any issues. Since we are in beta testing, feedback is essential. If you have any recommendations on how we can make our Organized Play system or our Event Organizer better, please, let us know. Prize Support: After a store has created their events, a representative from Haunted Castle Gaming will reach out to them to help them get the prize support they need for their event.

2021 Championship

We are hosting our 2021 Championship in November - I know, that's super soon. We always had plans to host the championship this year, but we wanted to wait and see how Canada and Ontario react to the Delta variant. Now that we know what is happening, we have made swift movements to secure a location and make this event happen. We are looking for sponsorship to make this event the most amazing event ever. If you are interested or willing to sponsor this event, please let us know to create our sponsorship package.

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