L5R EMPIRE AT WAR SK (10/6/84)

L5R EMPIRE AT WAR SK (10/6/84)

Legend of the Five Rings is the interactive storyline Collectible Card Game. Featuring tales of epic Samurai adventure as the Empire of Rokugan faces a new peril.

Plague cripples the Empire while war rages. The Destroyer’s greatest weapon has been unleashed. The clans, assaulted on all sides and exhausted, quarrel with one another even as the enemy approaches their doorsteps. Are these the final days of the Emerald Empire?

Empire at War is the newest expansion for AEG’s popular Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game and continues the celebration of the 15th year of adventures in the Emerald Empire. Join the long line of players that have fought for their Clans, raised epic heroes, defeated gods and changed the face of the Empire forever.

  • Featuring Dragon, Scorpion and Unicorn Clan starter decks.
  • 166 total new cards to dynamically interact with the L5R 15th Anniversary Celestial Edition arc
  • Amazing art bringing to life the Empire of Rokugan
  • The unfolding story of the Empire’s war against the forces of the Destroyer

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