Path of Enlightenment Storyline Tournaments #5 PATH OF THE VOID

The Paths are a series of store-only tournaments to determine what clans are the first to master the mysteries of the five elements. In these storyline events, an individual from each victorious clan shall become the "Keeper" of that particular element (the Keeper of Earth, the Keeper of Fire, etc.). If the Shadowlands wins, then the prize shall go to the highest ranking non-Shadowlands winner, but the power of Jigoku will exert its dark influence over that Keeper. These Keepers shall appear as powerful personality cards, aligned to their respective clans and ready for play in the L5R CCG environment.

STORY LINE POINT: The Trial of Void Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Void is all of these and yet it is nothing. It is the balance between all things, the discord of perfect harmony and the pure balance of raw chaos. Those who seek to understand the Void are changed by it instead; mastery of this element is the most sublime and dangerous of all mysteries. Shinsei's challenges end here, and appropriately they begin here as well. The Book of the Void offers its Keeper nothing, yet the Keeper of the Void is master of all.

The Trial of Void is simple: the sage who can perform a task greater than the other four Trials combined shall keep the Book of the Void. Will you accept this challenge? And as these five challenges come to an end, the Keepers of the Five Rings realize this is only the beginning…

Each kit contains the following

  • 1 Large Tournament Poster
  • 4 Exclusive Keeper of the Void Tin Card Boxes (not available anywhere else!)
  • 4 Book of the Void Promo Cards *Exclusive promo cards never to see print again!
  • 16 Keeper of Void Promo Cards *Exclusive promo cards never to see print again!
  • L5R has never been hotter than right now with Diamond Edition

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