Witch of Salem

Witch of Salem

Brave Arkham Detectives Battle the Elder Evil

Step back to early 20th Century New England. Here, the horrible "Great Old Ones"-mysterious inhabitants of a dark, unfathomable void-seek entry into our world. One of their imprisoned overlords gathers them, just as his worldly servants open portals throughout Arkham for the coming onslaught. Only Salem's master witch, Robert Craven, holds the key to safeguarding mankind. He plans to gather a team of intrepid scholars to find the hidden portals and close them with powerful magic seals. The noble witch's elite team must battle the threat of madness, duel the dark servants, tackle mystical challenges, and face their ultimate nemesis: an unidentified Great Old One with an unknown and incalculable strength.

In "Witch of Salem," you step into the terrifying world of renowned storyteller Wolfgang Hohlbein, a mythos inspired by the tales of H. P. Lovecraft. You play one of the witch's scholarly allies. Working cooperatively with your cohorts, uncover the secrets of the Necronomicon, combat creeping insanity, defeat the coming Evil, and bar the Great Old Ones from exiting the interdimensional abyss.


  • 1 game board
  • 4 game figures
  • 1 witch figure
  • 1 Necron Stone
  • 1 battle die
  • 26 creature cards
  • 6 Great Old One cards
  • 12 event cards
  • 6 overview/turn cards
  • 32 minor location cards
  • 4 player boards
  • 34 item markers
  • 4 sanity markers
  • 6 artifact markers
  • 8 portal tiles
  • 1 cloth bag
  • game rules
  • brief history

    MFG3309 Witch of SalemT $49.00 US

  • Ages 12+
  • For 2-4 Players
  • Playing Time 60 minutes
  • UPC 0-29877-03309-6-04900
  • ISBN 1-56905-224-7
  • Case Pack 5
  • Designer: Michael Rieneck
  • Art: Franz Vohwinkel
  • Made in Germany
  • Dimensions 2.875 x 11.625 x 11.625

  • "Witch of Salem" is a casual, social game for 2-4 players ages 12 and older.
  • You can play in about 60 minutes.

    Based on Wolfgang Hohlbein's frightening tales of Arkham, and the maddening struggle against Cthulhu and the others called Great Old Ones

    Copyright C 2008, 2009 Wolfgang Hohlbein. "Witch of Salem" and "Der Hexer von Salem" are trademarks of Wolfgang Hohlbein. Produced in English under license from KOSMOS Verlag (Stuttgart). All rights reserved.

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