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Triking Games is proud to announce the release of Set 4 for Anachronism™ Shipping in late November, 2005

  • Introducing Anachronism™, the Collectible Combat Game. TriKing Games and The History Channel invite you to test your strategy and tactics in a fast-paced action-packed game that takes just minutes to play!
  • Anachronism combines the best aspects of miniatures and trading card games, allowing you to collect and trade cards and keep them in a standard-size binder. It is also similar to a miniatures game. In the Arena, your cards move and change facing like tabletop miniatures. Range, speed, strength and special abilities all influence your tactics. Each card includes all the information you need to hit hard, hit fast and hit enough times to reduce your enemy to submission.
  • Anachronism is unlike any game you’ve ever played. You’ll be taking your warrior into battle almost as quickly as you can read your cards and roll the dice. Once you’ve played, you’ll keep coming back to the Arena to try new warriors, new combinations and new strategies en route to victory!,/ul>

      Set IV – Releasing in late November

    • Russian, Persian, Maori, and Irish Cultures.
      WARRIOR PACKS:Box of Assorted Warrior Packs 1 each of the 16 Warrior Packs
    • Benríg Medb - Warrior queen of Connaught, Medb invaded Ulster to gain sole sovereignty in her own kingdom.
    • Brian Ború - On Good Friday, April 23rd, 1014, Brian Boru led the Irish to final victory over their Viking invaders.
    • Cú Chulainn - Cú Chulainn held back the entire army of queen Medb by defeating Connaught’s champions in single combat.
    • Dónal McCarthaigh Mór - Dónal McCarthaigh Mór, a poet king of Ireland, rose into rebellion numerous times against the English.
    • Finn MacCumhaill - Leader of the Fianna, Finn reputedly defeated early Roman landings so ferociously that they never returned.
    • Saint Alexander Nevsky - The greatest defender of Russia in medieval times, Alexander Nevsky was beatified in recognition of his resolve and faith.
    • Prince Mikhail Skopin-Shuisky - Loyal and courageous, Skopin-Shuisky’s enemies on the field would often flee rather than face him in battle.
    • Peter I the Great - Ambitious and brilliant, Peter the Great transformed Russia from a backwards nation into a superpower in less than thirty years.
    • Ivan the Terrible - Driven by a terrible madness, Ivan the Terrible destroyed anything he perceived as an enemy without a moment’s hesitation.
    • Catherine the Great - Fearless and progressive, Catherine the Great led her country into a new age, socially and militarily.
    • Ariki Te Wherowhero - Te Wherowhero, a legendary battle leader, was declared the first Maori king to fight and defeat British aggression.
    • Hatupatu - A great warrior from the Arawa tribe, Hatupatu overcame many obstacles to become one of the most famous of all Maori chiefs.
    • Kupe - A tenacious and opportunistic warrior, Kupe discovered New Zealand for the Maori people.
    • Maui-Tikitiki - The greatest hero of Maori legend, Maui raised islands from the sea and fought the sun himself.
    • Te Raupraha - The ‘Napoleon of the Pacific’, Te Raupraha defeated the British forces in New Zealand almost at will.
    • Apranik - One of Persia’ greatest defenders, Apranik refused to surrender and fought where few others could bear to stand.
    • Cyrus the Great - The founder of the Persian Empire, Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon and extended his empire across Asia and Europe.
    • Darius - A tireless leader, Darius the Great both expanded and solidified his empire, establishing one of the most powerful nations ever.
    • Mithridates VI the Great - King of Pontus and a man of unparalleled genius, Mithridates was Rome’s most feared opponent.
    • Shapur I – The only ruler in history to enslave and execute a Roman Emperor, Shapur was a fierce and merciless opponent.

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