CONFIGURATION: 8 per case (4 per style) DESCRIPTION: Hot on the heels of the only hyper-realistic figure release of Tiger Woods , the ProShots team is please to present Tiger Woods Series 2. Based on facial scans of Tiger Woods and sculpting by industry leader, Gentle Giant Studios, ProShots provide the high level of detail that today’s figure collector has come to expect in the hobby, while delivering the athletes that have previously been unavailable to collectors at the popular 7” figure scale. Pro Shots Tiger Woods Series 2 presents two of the the most identifyable mannerisms from Tiger’s spectacular career: a ripping drive during Sunday’s final round (this variant willbe featured in the Sunday red) and the finesse of his iron play heading into the final round. Each ProShots Tiger Woods Series 2 figure and base come ready to merchandise in a convenient, peggable clam shell conguration. 8 units per case (4 per style). ProShots Series 2 are sure to be the hottest figures of 2009.

Images of gray-scale prototypes. Product is subject to change without notice.

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