WizKids Games is pleased to announce the latest evolution of interactive gameplay – TabApp™ Elite!

Unleash the powers of your favourite legendary super heroes in TabApp™ Elite! Activate your heroes’ powers using the ClixStation to take on opponents in-game!

Take on the role of your super heroes to battle evil super villains, reveal new battle grounds and earn achievements. Call upon an ally in times of need by collecting additional TabApp™ Elite booster packs!

Pick up a TabApp™ Elite Starter and 2-Pack to begin your adventure!

DC HeroClIx: Batman and Wonder Woman TabApp™ Elite 2-Pack (WKDH71086):
DC HeroClix TabApp™ Elite figures are fully iPad and Android tablet compatible thanks to our free, single-player application download! The DC HeroClIx: Batman and Wonder Woman TabApp™ Elite 2-Pack includes one Batman figure with an electronic combat dial for use with the TabApp™ Elite Clixstation, and one TabApp™ Elite Wonder Woman ally figure that can also be played during your TabApp™ Elite game, allowing players to use two figures at once! Both the Batman and Wonder Woman TabApp™ Elite figures are 100% compatible with tabletop HeroClix as well!
Your price is for one DC HeroClIx: Batman and Wonder Woman TabApp™ Elite 2-Pack.

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