"With my many years of experience in the Trading Card industry, I work with my customers to get them the products they need to run their stores."

Steve Longo Steve Longo Account Manager 416.744.3344 ext. 242 · 1.800.268.9066

"I've been involved in the Trading Card Industry since 1993 as an owner of my own Wholesale Distribution Company. This allowed me to gain experience in all aspects of the day to day operations to include buying, selling & even shipping. I was approached by Grosnor Distribution to join their sales team in the beginning of 2007. I figured that with all the experience & knowledge I had gained over the last 14 years, joining forces with Grosnor Distribution only made sense. I haven't looked back since. Over the past year I've also taken on the responsibility of overseeing secondary market sourcing of hard to find trading card products our customers have been looking for. This way Grosnor can provide to our customers product that under normal circumstances would be very difficult for them to find. Please feel free to contact me, and allow me to find that product you're looking for. I'm proud to be a part of the Grosnor Sales Force."

Nelson Chaves Nelson Chaves Account Manager 416.744.3344 ext. 238 · 1.800.268.9066

"I started out in the sports industry in 2007 as a sponsorship and hospitality sales executive representing many premier sporting events throughout North America. I have also worked in sales and management for an NHL manufacturer before joining Grosnor in 2017, where I gained a wealth of experience in sports licensing and production. I have a passion for sports and with my experience in the industry and the customer relationships I have built it was a natural fit to join Grosnor. I have a strategic mindset and I’m always trying to help customers find the right products that will enhance their stores. In my downtime I enjoy cottaging in the summer, cycling, attending festivals and traveling as much as I can. In my years ahead with Grosnor I am looking forward to developing new business relationships and expanding the business throughout Canada."

Curtis Barry Curtis Barry Account Manager 416.744.3344 ext. 247 · 1.800.268.9066

"I have been here at Grosnor Distribution Inc. for the past 16 years. From, at first, just distributing sports card supplies, and later adding Sportscards and non- Sportscards, and gaming cards, to adding memorabilia, licensed products, action figures and a wide range of board games, I guess you can call us a full distribution company. I have gained invaluable experience in the time I have been here. Most of that experience is customer based. I believe I can fulfill my customers needs at all times. If I can't, that is when my customer and I will work together to make it so. The statement, treat every customer as if your world revolves around them ... it does, I believe is more true today than it was when I first heard it 10 years ago. And the last thing... I AM STILL HAVING FUN."

Ken Ross Ken Ross Account Manager 416.744.3344 ext. 221 · 1.800.268.9066

"I graduated from York University here in Toronto with a Political Science b.a. in 2003, and found my way to Grosnor about a year later. I had dabbled in the retail side of the industry over the years, but never done anything large scale. As a collector my interests and experience have been all over the card collecting field - from Sports as a kid to Gaming, and now Non-Sports. Learning about all of the diverse, and ever expanding, inventory that Grosnor has to offer from action figures to all manner of NHL licensed merchandise, has been an interesting challenge. As Grosnor's bilingual Account Manager for roughly 5 years now, my accounts include our french speaking customers. When I'm not helping customers get what they need from us on their store shelves, I manage Grosnor's Ultra Pro and related supply brands."

Tim Lipani Tim Lipani Account Manager 416.744.3344 ext. 236 · 1.800.268.9066

"Before joining the Grosnor sales team I worked retail in a specialty store for nine years where Grosnor’s collectibles, board games, and gaming supplies was a heavy focus of the business. With my previous experience with most of the merchandise Grosnor offers as well as my knowledge of retail management and customer service, Grosnor felt like a natural fit and I look forward to assisting stores to help make their business succeed. I am a graduate of U of T with a B. Sc. Hon. with Majors in Biology and Earth Sciences, but it is my knowledge and love of gaming and collectibles that have become my career as well as my hobby. My downtime plans often involve board games with friends or organized play at trading card game tournaments in the GTA. I also have qualifications as a Tournament Organizer for the Pokemon Trading Card Game and am looking forward to expanding my portfolio into a Judge role. My mindset at Grosnor is being in the “business of fun”. I enjoy making sure my customers have what they need to keep their stores thriving and their customers happy and having fun."

Matt Breen Matt Breen Account Manager 416.744.3344 ext. 235 · 1.800.268.9066

"After almost 20 years of working in the retail business running my family business I joined the Grosnor family in December 2015 bringing with me the knowledge of Comic Books, CCG’s, TCG’s, roleplaying games, toys and much more. Being on the retail end of the business for those 20 years has given me an understanding of how a retail store can have success and struggles and I am here to help in any capacity through the good and the better times."

Jeff Truppe Jeff Truppe Retail Sales Specialist 416.744.3344 ext. 216 · 1.800.268.9066
Chris Belbeck Chris Belbeck Account Manager 416.744.3344 ext. 225 · 1.800.268.9066
Husam Mohmood Account Manager 416.744.3344 ext. 254 · 1.800.268.9066

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