"I began my time at Grosnor in the shipping department, at its old location (Etobicoke) as a seasonal employee. From there, I joined Grosnorís move to Brampton, still in shipping, but was shifted toward sales in 2012. Being in the warehouse and examining the multitude of products in stock has helped me transition from one job to the next. On a personal note, I am a Hospitality Management & Finance graduate of Durham College. I was born and raised in Montrťal, but have resided in Ontario since 2004. I have been collecting since I was very little, from toys, to cards and now to signed memorabilia. Itís great to be a part of the Grosnor Team in the new location, which gives it a fresh and rejuvenated feel. I look forward to the new challenges that are thrown my way in order to get what our customers need for their stores."

Jonathan Sinoyiannis Jonathan Sinoyiannis Shipping & Receiving 416 744 3344 ∑ 1.800.268.9066
Ritchie Buchanan Ritchie Buchanan Warehouse Supervisor 416.744.3344 ext. 202 ∑ 1.800.268.9066

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Grosnor can be contacted from anywhere in Canada with our toll free number 1-800-268-9066. You can also call (416) 744-3344 Monday-Friday, 9AM-6PM, or email 24/7!

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