Wednesday April 04, 2007

Grosnor Distribution has made a slight revision to its reward program.

Anything in inventory older than 3 months is still available to be redeemed from the 300 point supply to the 100,000 point signed jersey.

However, due to the time required to verify, key out and perform the administrative tasks involved with each rewards redemption, the redemptions are now limited to 5,000 points minimum orders. Stores can still redeem the products available under the 5,000 point mark, but a 5,000 points total order is now required to checkout any rewards order. For example, redeem for 1-5,000 point item or redeem for 10-500 point items. As long as the total is a minimum of 5,000 points your order is good to go.

The raffle is exempt from the 5000 minimum points required to redeem.

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