Mariposas & Truffle Shuffle in Stores this Month!

Friday August 21, 2020

August 28th is the release of Mariposas! This highly-anticipated game from award-winning designer Elizabeth Hargrave (Wingspan) has you guiding monarch butterflies up the eastern seaboard of North America in their annual migration. Starting in Mexico, you will go as far north as you dare - for big rewards - but must be aware of turning back south in time to reach Mexico again before the game ends.

Most interesting is how close the game play is tied to the actual experience of the butterflies. The ones who leave Mexico will not be the ones who arrive back, in fact multiple generations will need to be bred along the way, ensuring the species continues.

You can see more of Mariposas in the following videos, and you can join the growing community on our Mariposas Facebook Group.




Also in stores August 28th is Truffle Shuffle! This fun game for all ages has you assembling a delicious box of chocolates for the most points. You'll collect cards for the truffles and others that allow you to change values, all to ultimately win in this battle of sweets!

Truffle Shuffle is from the same team who brought us the amazing Point Salad last year, and now they look to bookend your dining-gaming experience with a tasty dessert! Don't miss it in stores August 28th.


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