Thursday August 27, 2020

Beyond the Sun is a new space game from first-time designer Dennis K. Chan, with art and graphic design by the legendary German game artist Franz Vohwinkel. This game takes you to new worlds as you try to lead your faction off Earth in the 23rd century to new homes in unexplored star systems beyond our solar system.

As Earth begins to fade, it is time for humanity to look Beyond the Sun. The faction leaders that once ruled the planet separately now must work together to develop cutting-edge technology and explore the depths of space. However, only one leader will reign supreme in these new worlds. Will it be you?

Game Features:
Each player represents a faction vying for supremacy in the race to colonize new worlds in nearby star systems. These factions have different powers and unique abilities. They come in two versions – Basic and Advanced.

The Basic powers are mostly symmetrical, with only small variations between the various powers. The Advanced powers are asymmetrical as the unique abilities of each of the factions come through.

Each of these factions is represented by dual-layer player boards that show the abilities of each faction. All of the resources, population, and other items relevant to each player are tracked and stored on dual-layer player boards. These boards will keep all of the components organized and will keep a casual bump to the table from disturbing the players’ pieces.

Faction Board with Components

Beyond the Sun features beautiful art and clean graphic design that is easy to read and understand. The components include custom-made cubes similar to dice from Roll for the Galaxy, which are used to track the status of the population.

Two separate game boards are used to play Beyond the Sun. The first is the main technology game board featuring a technology tree that expands during play. The second board is the exploration board, where the star systems are found, explored, and colonized.

Game Play in Progress

Beyond the Sun gives the players the ability to explore space and to find habitable worlds in nearby star systems. Players compete to be the first to find, settle, and colonize these systems.

Colonizing a system helps to increase production to allow further economic and population growth. Most systems have special powers that are unlocked when they are colonized further adding to the flavor and replayability of the game.

Sample System Card

There are dozens of different technology cards, so that each game will be a unique experience. The goals for each game also vary depending on which achievement cards are used in any particular game. The result is endless re-playability and different challenges.


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