War Chest is an easy-to-learn, tricky-to-master, elegant battlefield strategy game. Gameplay is simple and available to even non-gamers, whilst at the same time presenting depth of play and replayability.

The core mechanic is an innovative bag-building system that uses the draw from the bag as a resource management system and a unit availability system.

The game is presented in a box that appears to be old and well loved. It is an ancient game, newly rediscovered and presented as it would have once been gifted to the sons and daughters of kings, as a way for them to learn battlefield strategy.

- 16 Cards
- 79 high-quality “poker chip style” game pieces
- Game board
- 4 Bags
- Cardboard Tokens
- 1 Rulebook

Players: 2 or 4
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 30 minutes

UPC: 729220070357

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